What Is the Difference Between Light, Medium, & Heavy Duty Trucks?

A garbage truck and your pickup truck both fall into the same overall category: Trucks. Since these two types of trucks are actually very different from each other, it helps to break the larger category into smaller distinctions. Feel free to read on to understand the difference between light, medium, and heavy duty trucks. GVWR […]

Stay Safe During One of Arizona’s Haboob Storm

When you encounter a haboob storm, you should know how to handle it whether you’re on the road or in your house. If you’re in a car, pull off the road as soon as you can. If you’re in your house you should turn your air conditioner off, and in severe cases, you should head […]

Practice These Safety Tips If You Break Down at Night

Breaking down in general isn’t fun, and breaking down at night can be scary. If you’re unfortunate enough to break down in the middle of the night, you’ll need a Tucson tow truck company to help you out. Keep reading for more safety tips to practice in the event that your car breaks down at […]

Don’t Get Washed Out on the Road in Arizona Monsoons

Arizona’s monsoons and dust storms are around the corner, and that means drivers may get stuck in floods or stranded on the side of the road. Use the following driving tips to keep yourself safe during these stressful situations. Tip #1: Receive Weather Alerts It is important to receive weather alerts through driving and weather […]

Ways to Stay Busy While You’re Stranded on the Road

If your vehicle breaks down, then you need to keep your mind and body occupied until a tow truck arrives. You can keep your cell phone and battery free from use in case of emergencies and stay busy with these helpful games and tips: Play Road Trip Games There are many games that you can […]

Different Smells That Mean Your Car Is in Trouble

There are certain smells associated with car engines in danger of breaking down. Sweet syrup, gasoline, and burned rubber could all signal a serious problem with your car. It is essential that you not ignore these different smells: Sweet Syrup A syrupy smell indicates that you may have a coolant leak. If your car is […]

Do You Have These Essentials in Your Car?

Safety essentials, such as a flashlight and safety flares, are necessary should you break down on the side of the road. The following items may be able to help until your tow truck arrives. Jumper Cables Jumper cables are one of the most important, and most used, items to have in your vehicle. Cables could […]

How to Pack Your Vehicle’s Emergency Kit

Having an emergency kit in your vehicle is a lifeline for the unforeseen moments when you must wait on the side of the road for your towing company. Though there are pre-made kits, you still must add items personal to you and to where you are traveling. Read on for more tips on how to […]

Vehicles in Our Fleet and How They Might Help You

Barnett’s Towing is a family-operated towing company with over 50 years in the business. In that time, their towing fleet has expanded greatly beyond simple tow trucks to heavy duty wreckers that can transport the largest vehicles around. No matter what your transportation needs are, Barnett’s can help. Read on to learn more about what […]

Different Colors of Smoke from Your Tailpipe and What Each Means

Your car’s exhaust system can provide you with important information about the quality and condition of its internal systems. In the event that your exhaust suddenly changes color, you may have an automotive emergency on your hands. A towing company in Tucson can help you move your vehicle to safety after you begin to notice […]